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Recently I attended a quiz night at our local riding club and had a great night out. As part of the quiz you had to identify 40 brands by logo alone – no lettering. What was interesting about this was the results – out of 27 teams made up of 3 members only 4 identified more than 26 logos and only 5 teams got more than 15. The team I was on identified 38 out of 40 but you would expect nothing else as this is my mastermind subject! We won some beautiful gillets which we donated to the charity raffle.

Anyway, what this highlight was the importance of your brand and how people recognise your logo. What was more surprising was that out of 80 equestrian people in the room not one person recognised the Harry Hall logo. I was very shocked by this as Harry Hall are an established brand but no one could remember their logo.

A brand or logo is important and making it both relevant and memorable is essential, now where’s his number…