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Successful marketing is not just about spending time and money on the right services, it is about being responsive to business requirements

Marketing services for the Equine & Country industry

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We are dedicated to putting in the time and effort needed to make sure we achieve your goals and set new progressive targets.

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Knowledge is power, helping your clients get as much knowledge about you as possible through press releases, case studies and social media 

“Equine & Country PR specialise in helping agricultural, equine and country businesses achieve their goals through enhancing brand value and awareness while tailoring a specific marketing pack­age to fulfil their true potential. “

Why Choose Us?

Working with us is easy and cost effective as we take the hassle out of market­ing allowing you to do what you do best – concentrate on building your business

What We Can Do

We can assist and work alongside your current marketing team or become your marketing department depending on your size and requirements

Cost Effective

We can offer as little or as much as you require; from business advise and planning to writing press releases, graphic design, websites, photography, social media and exhibition assistance

We care about the details

We can provide detailed technical case studies, launch new products, manage projects and supply company literature. We will also take care of the details in everything we do.

Getting started couldn’t be easier


We have a large range of services on offer, but the best way to get started is to give us a call or drop us an email to discuss what you need.


Our advice is free and there is no obligation to work with us once we have recommended a solution, provided a plan or suggested a course of action.


Effective marketing can make a big difference to your business, whether that is increased sales, improving your client base, changing what people think about your business or accessing new areas of business.

Why do I need a Marketing Plan?

A good marketing plan is vital to achieving the objectives set out in your business plan. Like with a business plan a marketing plan requires time, effort and some research, but is well worth it. Setting targets, making sure they are met and then setting new ones will...

The power of people

How horsey consumers buy their products is very faddy, which can make being a supplier hard work if you’re not part of the current trend. Even subconsciously the equine consumer is guided by magazines, social media, instructors and yard friendship groups. Recently we...

The true value of a supplement

Over the years I have probably used every type of supplement on the market while working and owning horses; joint supplements, tummy soothers, pick me ups, calm me downs, happy hoofies, golden oldie ones, the list is endless and also very expensive. Supplement...

How important is your logo?

Recently I attended a quiz night at our local riding club and had a great night out. As part of the quiz you had to identify 40 brands by logo alone – no lettering. What was interesting about this was the results – out of 27 teams made up of 3 members only 4...