How horsey consumers buy their products is very faddy, which can make being a supplier hard work if you’re not part of the current trend.

Even subconsciously the equine consumer is guided by magazines, social media, instructors and yard friendship groups.

Recently we conducted a small experiment in how a horse owner buys their feed. We surveyed 20 owners on a livery yard who were all really happy with their current feed and of which 80% used the same big name brand.

The following week we then arranged for a different more expensive feed brand to attend the yard with a weigh bridge and a feed rep.

We then resurveyed the yard 3 weeks later and 65% of our owners had changed to the more expensive brand.

Why? Is it a better feed? Will it give better performance? Better weight gain, less weight gain? All of these things may be true or not, but the main reason they changed is down to the power of people, the rep took time to get to know the horse, talk through any concerns (we own horses there’s always a concern) and then offered a reassuring plan going forward, a few money off coupons and a small measuring scoop.

Even though the food on average was double the cost per bag and even triple on certain products people were still happy to change.

When asked why they changed one owner said “my friends already use this feed and they told me to try it, and the rep was really informative, so I felt confident to change”

Never underestimate the power of people, the amazing influence they can have and the power they hold on influencing each other.